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Social Media Ad Tutorial

August 28, 2017



I’d like to offer you all some support and tips in social media marketing. On behalf of the WTA, we have been organizing some of our favorite apps and instructions on using them, all from your smart phone! In this email we will introduce two apps; Phonto and Legend. Both were free in the Apple app store but should be available for Android as well.  






Phonto is great for adding your logo and text to an action shot you take in class. It takes just a few minutes to snap a picture and edit it with this app and you have a Facebook ad ready to go.


Facebook is notorious for not approving ads with too much text in the image. Try to keep it short and sweet when editing the image. You can type your bigger message in the actual post. A short quote or “Call Now” and your telephone number are even enough for your image.


Legend is a great app for adding moving text to your photo or graphic. Ads or post with video features statistically perform better on Facebook. Facebook has it down to a science and movement catches the eye more than a still shot.


Either is great. Maybe start with still shots until you are comfortable with the marketing tools and then add a video ad later. You do not HAVE to boost your post or “create an ad” necessarily. You can simply start by asking your friends and students to share your post.


Boosting and creating ads on Facebook is an economical way to advertise and reach your target market. You set your budget, the age range you want to target and within how many miles of your zip code. Simple as that. For $20 bucks you can reach HUNDREDS of potential clients/students! We generally set our age range around 25-55 years, parent age is your target market.


Ok, let’s get started showing you how to use these apps!


First, download them, of course. Both were free to download though they do have “in app purchases” we have not had any need to purchase in extras or add-ons for either app.


I like to keep our logo saved in my photo album on my phone. This is great for branding your pictures. You want to use a photo without a background. A .png is usually a transparent version of your logo. If you don’t have yours in this format, please let us know and we can help you with this.



Option 1:

Open Phonto and click the camera icon at the bottom of the app, this should give you the option of taking a photo or using one you already have in your photo albums on your phone. Select or take the picture you want to use. In this first image I have selected this picture of one of our students waiting to “walk the tunnel” a self-defense drill that we do.





Next we hit the pop up menu on the bottom left hand side





And this list will come up. To add our logo to the picture we are going to hit “add image.” Now scroll back through your photos and find you logo.




Now select the logo and it should add to your picture like this. You can adjust the size of your logo by moving the cursor over it and clicking “size” adjust the toggle by sliding it left and right to get it where you want it. You can also move the logo to a different area of the picture.






And this is what the image will look like once you have adjusted your logo.




You can opt to save it to your photo album now, the icon for saving is on the bottom left hand side, or you can add text if you want.





Do this by clicking anywhere on the photo and the menu will come up. Hit the “text” option and you will be able to select the font you want to use, choose the alignment (left, center, right) add your text and once it is on the picture you can adjust the size and placement. This will give you a still shot that you can now save to your photo albums and post on Facebook or Instagram. We’ve even used ours to have posters printed for our windows at Office Depot.





Advanced Options: You can change the color of your text by using the “text menu” bar by clicking on your text and choosing “style” This will allow you to switch the color of your text or even change the color of the border of the letters by choosing “stroke” and picking a color that contrast against the color of your letters. Here I am using a black stroke color on white letters.



Option 2:

If you want to add visual interest to your photo (or video, you can use videos in Legend too) You can skip the text step above and open your saved picture in Legend. Video is also compatible with Legend.




This one is kind of backwards in that you open the app and the first prompt is to enter your text. Again a small quote or “ENROLLING NOW” with your phone number will work.




Once you have typed your message you will now click the “photo” icon that looks kind of like a picture of a mountain range. Now choose your photo or video. Adjust the placement of the picture, centering it how you want and hit “next” in the top right hand corner!



It will switch to this next section where you will be given three pages of options. Look at each page and decide which layout you like, you can preview them and then hit back until you decide.




Once you are certain which one you like click it to choose and then hit the “more” icon on the bottom right hand side of your screen to save the video in your phones photo album. And that is it! You can now post it to Facebook or Instagram with the information you want.  


I hope this helps you with your social media campaigns. These apps make this so simple and you can literally create the pictures, start to finish, in under 5 minutes and from your PHONE. Can’t get much easier than that.


Posting edited pictures is a great way to create interest for you school. I generally try to post an edited picture once a week or even twice a week sometimes. You want to stay active without posting 8 times a day or anything wild like that.


Please e-mail me or text me if you have any questions or need help getting your logo saved on your phone for use with the apps. You can also check our BMAA Bossier FB page to see some examples of how we are using these apps. We will be sending out other ideas and tips in the future and would love some feedback on this tutorial and if this sort of information is useful to you. Let me know what you think!


Thank you for your time,




Gary Bourgeois

Vice President WTA-USA

6th Dan-Chief Instructor

Bourgeois’ Martial Arts Academy 

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