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Instructors Workout and Team USA Tryouts

November 20, 2016

We are just returning from a successful weekend in Plano, Texas hosted by Grand Master Scott McNeely, Master Karen Gentry-McNeely and the WTA. Mr. Bourgeois was able to sit on the judges panel for high ranking testing Friday night that opened the weekends events. Grand Master McNeely, Master Karen Gentry-McNeely, Master Anthony  Kuntz, Master Troy Burleson, Master Darin Hudgens, Master Russel Northup, Mr. Marc Matthews, Mr. Gary Jones and Mr. Bourgeois joined to judge testing of Mr. Jared Northup for 6th degree black belt and Mr. Shank for 3rd degree black belt. Others to test were Colton McNeely, Corbin Deaton, Lydia Clark and Daniel Jones. Everyone did a great job and it was great to see everyone and visit before the hard work got started the next morning. 


 The judges panel and martial artists who tested Friday night. 


 Grand Master McNeely (with Braedon Bourgeois) never hesitates to stop and offer guidance to students who have questions or require technical help on a pattern.


The next day began at 9 am with WTA Instructors Training. Over the course of the two part day, splitting for lunch and then returning for the second session of the day, Grand Master McNeely covered all the color belt patterns. He gave precise direction and ran through technical aspects of each pattern. We were briefed on what training instructors do before, during and after class. The information was thorough and well explained for instructors of all ages. Much of the appeal and distinguishing aspects of Grand Master McNeely's workouts are the energy, passion and years of experience and knowledge he is able to draw upon from years of traveling, training and competing all over the world. The stories and experience he and his friends are able to bring to the mat energize those training and intrigue them, inspiring them to aim for the same martial arts adventures! 


 After the instructor training on Saturday we all gathered for dinner together at Cafe Del Rio. Over 50 martial artist took over the restaurant for the evening and there were many stories of past adventures and laughs shared. 


Sunday morning the Team USA Tryout began at 10 am. Over 60 participants, representing Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, and Oklahoma took the floor for an intense two hour work out with Master Burleson and Grand Master McNeely. Students worked on kicking drills, sparring strategies, and three man tag team. Masters and High Ranking Instructors worked the room, watching the students skill level and ability to comprehend and execute the drills being taught. There will be future workouts and as we progress Coaches will be putting teams together to represent the U.S. in the WTA 2017 International Championship to be held in Tampa, Florida next July. 


The amount of energy and talent brought together this weekend was inspiring and we are excited to see what is to come over the next few months of training!! 





Sara West, Travis Colvins, Gary and Braedon Bourgeois, Megan and Ethan Arbuckle, Michael Wright, Gary Bourgeois, Justin, Lindsey and Lauren Goodson, Richard and Daylie Lear after the TEAM USA Tryouts. Erika Wallace and Rebekah Brasfield (not pictured) Also attended Friday and Saturday's events. 



BMAA students from both Arcadia and Bossier made us proud and represented our academy like we knew they would. We are so excited to introduce you to Mr. Bourgeois' instructor (GM McNeely) and what he and our martial arts family are building here! So excited for you guys to be a part of it!! It's going to a blast guys!! 


Can't wait to see you all next time!! 

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