Landon Bourgeois is Mr. Bourgeois' 20 year old daughter. Landon is a 2nd Degree Black Belt and has been training 14 years. Landon is the Lil' Dragons Instructor, working hard with our youngest students to instill discipline and the basics of taekwon-do at an early age. They have a blast in Miss Landon's class! Landon also holds multiple National and International Championships. She has competed on Team USA three times, starting in 2011 and most recently in Italy in 2015.

Ms. Lindsey Goodson is a 1st Degree Black Belt and serves as Junior Instructor at BMAA. Ms. Lindsey helps run classes, working with students on patterns, technique and skills. Lindsey trains along side her daddy in our adult class and has also competed on Team USA twice. This summer Lindsey won a Gold in Team Patterns competing in the  Intercontinental Goodwill Championships in Tampa, Florida.  

Meet Our Instructors!

BMAA Junior Instructors 

Junior Instructors at Bourgeois' Martial Arts are younger students who have shown an interest and ability to help lead others their junior in age or rank. Junior Instructors are either Black Belts or are committed to reaching Black Belt.  Helping teach others helps build their knowledge and understanding of the art and helps insure they will  make great Sr Instructors when they are older. They learn from Mr. Goodson and other Sr Instructors by helping in class and leading a class when asked to do so. Their help is essential. 

           Mr. Jayden, Level 3              Black Belt Recommended 

Mr. Case, 1st Degree Decided 

Junior Black Belt 

Miss Audrey 

Purple Belt 

Miss. Denise

Blue Belt

Mr. Walker 

Purple Belt 

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